Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Reviews Etc.

I didn't get much done on Winter today compared to Sunday and Monday (350 words instead of 1000 and 500), but I did start a long-delayed review and finished a great review book - A Light to My Path by Lynn Austin. It's the last of the Refiner's Fire series, and unique in the fact that the loosely connected series can be read in any order. I'd recommend the publishing order, though. Great story! For more on it you'll have to see my review, which I still need to write and which should be published in several weeks or so on http://www.christianbookpreviews.com.

The review I'm working on will also be on that site, though I didn't like the book as well. It took half the book to set up the story, but that's somewhat to be expected with fantasy. Especially for the writers who follow Tolkien. The Chronicles of Narnia get started so much faster.

Any suggestions for this blog would be much appreciated. I still plan to look at different authors occasionally, including Peretti. I'm also hoping to add links directly to my reviews on the site above (for the others you'll have to subscribe to Church Libraries and Christian Library Journal - if you'd like subscription info let me know).

And in case you haven't noticed, I do have a guestbook (see bottom right corner of this page for the link). I'd really like to get to know those who are visiting Christian Novels. So sign away!


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