Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In Progress

I have finally gotten back to work on my novel Winter, which has been sitting at 8,000 words short of where I needed it for half a year. It was done. It was perfect. How could I mar it with extra words?

It's not that I'm against editing. I know that it's a necessary part of writing. But editing usually means taking out words, not adding them. I could remove 8,000 words from the book. It would be painful, but I could do it. Deciding where and when and how to place new words - that paralyzes my fingers.

Because it feels like I'm adding fluff. I mean, all the advice on writing says to be as clear and concise as possible. Even the current discussion on The Writers' View is about cutting the fat out of writing. So how am I supposed to balance that with my need for more words?

It's not like I usually waste words. With cutting out the 8,000 words, I'd be removing scenes or partial scenes. There's little excess verbiage within the actual scenes. I believe my writing might be even too sparse. Dialogue, thoughts, and action take up most of the page. Description is a word or two if I think about it. I know that's not ideal. I work on letting readers live in my character's mind, but they should also be able to live in my character's world.

Is it because I'm an intuitive that I miss everything around me blaring at my senses? I don't note all the little details; I take in the general aura of what surrounds me. I want to recreate the same sense of aura in my writing - but I don't know how to get all the little details to do that for me. I already have the atmosphere in my mind's eye; I need to let the reader see and feel it as well.

My goal is to complete these renovations by the end of the month, so I'm ready for NaNo. Seems impossible, but I'm determined. Despite the feeling of disgust at ruining my masterpiece. Despite the urge to leave it for another time and move on. Despite the discouragement of an hour of work and only 50 new words. I'm doing it.

A side note to others who are editing and hating it - reread your ending. It makes all the pain feel worth it.


T. Suzanne Eller said...

Hi Katie, This is Suzie Eller, moderator of The Writers View. Great site. : ) Would you consider adding to your writers' blog links? It's 10 authors who write for teens sharing their thoughts about life. : )

Katie Hart - Pinterest Manager said...

Sure! I didn't even realize your blog existed, and I've read books by most of the contributing authors. I'll be sure to stop by often in the future.

Mary DeMuth said...

Hi Katie,

This is the first time at your site. Found it through your Writer's View post. Hang in there with the edits, you can do it. I know it's hard to slice your words, but be assured, they will be sliced and diced by an editor when you are published. So, instead of a slow, painful death, you'll lessen the pain now by taking out words before the editor does. That's been my experience with my first novel that comes out next year.

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