Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Reviewing Christian Novels

I've hinted at an upcoming project. While I don't plan to officially launch until January, I'll give you a tidbit for now.

Waterfall Books - Fall In

I've thought of developing an email newsletter many times in the past. It's great for building connections for later on, when I get a book published. The problem was content. How was I going to fill the newsletter with enough worthwhile words so that people would read it? I tried writing a serial - it went nowhere. And I have enough books to review as it is.

Then something clicked. I was on Yahoo Groups requesting quotes, and the "Start your own group" button looked way too attractive. Then a package arrived from Harvest House, with a book to review for an author friend plus three other novels. Titles the publisher sent with no obligation on my part. Books that if they turn out to be incredible (why not?) I'll want to tell the world.

And I wondered why I was reading books to review when I could just review the books I read. No forcing myself through boring books. No agonizing about making each review more eloquent than the last. Just short, snappy reviews delivered straight to your inbox. Posted on a blog. Linked to here.

You can get the back cover copy at any online seller. You can get the first chapter on Christian Book Previews, email lists, and publisher websites. You can get author interviews on half a dozen blogs. You can get academic reviews in journals and uninformed reviews on Amazon. But nothing beats having a friend who loves to read telling you, "This is good. Here's why . . ."

And so Waterfall Books was born.

It'll likely be monthly. It'll include reviews of fantasy and suspense and chick-lit and historical and romance and mystery and more - because if it's a good book, genre doesn't matter to me. It'll launch sometime in January. And it'll likely include contests and drawings, because everyone loves free books.

Stay tuned for more! But you don't need to keep checking back here. Subscribe to my Yahoo Groups mailing list! When I begin a subscriber drive later this fall, I'll draw a name from everyone on the list for a special prize pack. Perhaps more than one.

Please, subscribe and let others know about Waterfall Books! The more subscribers it gets the bigger the prize pack will be!


Ruth said...

Oh, Katie -- THIS IS SO COOL! :)

Unknown said...

Good job.

I receive books in the mail, but only review or talk about the ones I support except when I'm judging Christy nominations. I've just launched the Gospel Fiction Blog alliance, which you are a member, too, that will highlight artists, but serve more like a blog vacation for a blogger.

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