Thursday, December 13, 2007

Exclusive Bits from Ted Dekker Interview

For my recent article on Ted Dekker (go here first to read it if you haven't yet), I had the privilege of chatting with him on the phone and got far more information than I could fit in my article. Here are a few extras for you!

"Writing is a discovery process. I don't write to teach, I write to discover. So every time I tell a story I'm rediscovering the same things over and over again, because as it turns out truth is timeless."

When I first started talking with him, he joked about the questions I'd sent him being so broad. "Narrow is better, like what color are your socks?"

On Adam (Spring 2008): “It's going to become known as, without question, my most gripping psychological thriller.”

About the Circle Trilogy: "Sales aren't going down, it's got tremendous legs. It keeps going and going and going as it spreads and spreads and spreads."

About Color #4: "I can't tell you, I wish I could tell you the device I'm going to use but I can't do that until I've actually figured out exactly how that is [going to work]." I'm really curious about this - the writing device he's going to use. And which color for the title. Any guesses? My initial idea is Green - the one additional color featured on the book covers and on the Circle Pendant. But given Ted's love of surprise, I could be completely wrong.

When I asked about the books he loved growing up, he said that in 9th grade Stephen King's The Stand "set my imagination on fire." He teaches his children (he has four, ages 10-21) to see Moulin Rouge, one of his favorite movies, as a passion play. Other favorite movies include The Matrix, The Abyss, and Amadeus.

When I told him about my reaction to Thr3e (walked around for an hour saying, "Wow" over and over) , he told me I should be sharing that instead of interviewing him - that readers respond to other readers' experiences. So here are my reviews of Ted Dekker's novels:

The Martyr's Song

For a list of all of Ted's books, go here.

Hope you enjoy these "deleted" bits! Be sure to stop by and comment on (and rate if you wish) the article itself!


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Great interview, Katie!

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Terrific piece, Katie. Thanks for the exclusives, too!

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