Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exclusive Bits from Susan May Warren Interview - Part One

My article on Susan May Warren is up at Christian Music Planet! Check it out, then come back here for extras I didn't have room for!

Here's Susie:

"If I was stranded on a desert island, I’d take my Bible, my family, and probably something to write on (and a cool pen!). Those three things pretty much define my passions. I love to study the Bible. If I have more time to spend them my usual 45 minute quiet time, then I get out my Strong’s and my Vine’s Bible dictionary, and a few other translations and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead through a passage in the Bible. It’s like hunting for treasure, and I just love discovering what new insights God has hidden in His Word.

"I also love being a wife and mom. It took me by surprise – I thought I wanted to live and work in NYC in advertising. But as soon as I had my first child (I have four), I realized nothing for me could compare to being a mom. I homeschooled for many years, and now I really enjoy hanging out with my teenagers. I think the teenage years are the reward for all the years of wiping snotty noses and cutting up food! I also love the partnership my husband and I have – raising the kids, supporting each other in life, ministry, struggles and joys. I’m married to every one of my book heroes—because they’re all a little bit of my husband!

"Finally, I love love love to write. I love words, and story, and seeing how they work together. I love the magic of watching a character come to life on the page."

Susie's latest release is now in bookstores! Here's the story in her own words:

"Taming Rafe is the story of bull-rider who finds himself caught in his worst nightmare. A friend of his has died, and Rafe has destroyed his career, and he’s broken and at the end of his rope. Enter Kat Breckenridge, a philanthropist from NYC who is trying desperately to keep her charitable organization from going under. It doesn’t help when Rafe decimates her event – so she goes looking for him, hoping he’s a decent guy and will help her out of bankruptcy. Uh…sorry, no. Rafe’s too wrapped up in his own problems to help her. But she’s persuasive, and she’s going to help him heal. In the process she also discovers a few secrets about herself that will change her life.

"It’s one of my favorite stories because I just adore Rafe. He’s a great hero – unwilling to see his need for someone until they practically force themselves into his life, but underneath that prickly exterior is a man with a great capacity to give, and love. Add to that the beauty of Montana , the excitement of bull-riding, a delicious subplot with a couple locals, and a spiritual theme about God at work in our lives. It’s story I am very grateful to have been allowed to tell."

There's more, but I think I'll save it for later this week. Until then, check out my reviews of Escape to Morning and Expect the Sunrise!


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