Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CSFF Tour - The Vanished

This week the Christian Science Fiction Fantasy tour features Kathryn Mackel and her latest novel, The Vanished. Since I haven't read the book yet (Someday I will catch up with my reading!), here's the back cover text:

A terrorist's bomb. A rogue experiment. An impenetrable mist.

And no one is coming to help...

After a bomb explodes in a working-class neighborhood of Barcester, Massachusetts, police sergeant Jason Logan fights to keep order and assist the injured while desperately waiting for aid to arrive. Is the mist from the bomb preventing ambulances and fire trucks from coming in? Or has something far more dire occurred?

As the hours tick by, Logan tracks the terrorist mastermind--whom he learns is not done wreaking havoc. Cut off from modern medical resources, nurse-practitioner Kaya de los Santos treats the injured and soothes the fearful, unaware that her teenaged son Ben is on the run from both the cops and the terrorist.

The vanished begin a battle for survival against enemies they've always known--and forces they've never even imagined.

I have read and reviewed Kathryn's futurist fantasy novels, Outriders and Trackers, as well as The Hidden. The former two fit my tastes better, but all were excellent reads.

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Hey, Katie, you'll want to check out Shannon's announcement about the Birthright books.


Katie Hart - Pinterest Manager said...

Thanks for letting me know, Becky! Great news! I subscribed to Kathy's newsletter a while ago - but I'm thinking it was with an old address or is ending up in my spam folder.

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