Thursday, October 23, 2008

Less Than Dead by Tim Downs

"I love Nick! He's amazing!" - My sister Rebekah, while reading Less Than Dead.

Few characters in literature are as memorable as Tim Downs' Nick Polchak. Known as the Bug Man, his job alone (studying the insects that feed on dead flesh) makes him unique. Toss in that he likes being weird, hates following rules, and has a wickedly keen sense of humor, and the typical good-looking, pizza-and-a-movie hero starts to look like a clone.

This is the fourth Bug Man novel, and I own every single one.

Less Than Dead brings in FBI agent Nathan Donovan from the Christy Award-winning Plaguemaker (in which Nick made a cameo appearance). Excavators uncover graves on a U.S. senator's property, and the bone placement indicates foul play. With the senator's presidential campaign at risk, he wants this mess dealt with quickly and quietly. With that in mind, Donovan hires Nick. When the government dog and trainer choson to uncover additional graves turn out to be complete nincompoops, Nick seeks out the town's "witch" and her cadaver dog for help.

While novels featuring maggots and flesh-eating beetles tend to turn weak stomachs, this particular book is less "icky" than previous books in the series, on account of most of the dead bodies being reduced to bones. Oh, did I say most?

My review of Chop Shop, book 2 in the Bug Man series.


C.J. Darlington said...

I love the Bugman novels, too! Less Than Dead is the best yet.

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