Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review Links

One of the first things I want to work on as I come back to this blog is cleaning up the sidebar. I have FAR too many links on it. Some I do want to still have access to, but they don't need to be in my sidebar.

One of the longest lists is my review links. Most (if not all) of these reviews were for Christian Book Previews, and written 3 years ago or longer. Some of these reviews were quoted in press releases, on back covers, and inside the first few pages of sequels. It's an impressive tribute to my early days of reviewing, but they were so far down on the sidebar, I doubt that they got any traffic. So I'm listing them here in a post and removing them from my sidebar. That way, I have record of them still, and if I want to refer others to them later, all I will need to do is link to this post.


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