Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ransome's Quest by Kaye Dacus

About the Book
After an eventful voyage from England to Jamaica, Commodore William Ransome hopes he can rest for a short time. But when he receives news that his only sister, Charlotte, has been captured by a pirate, he leaps into action. Then, unbelievably, word comes that his wife, Julia, has been kidnapped by yet another pirate, the black-hearted Shaw, a dangerous enemy of the Royal Navy. William's heart is torn. Which beloved woman does he go after.
Captain Ned Cochrane volunteers to sail after Charlotte, and after a perilous battle on the high seas, she is restored to the man she loves. She also has revelations about her captor's true identity and his willingness to join Ned and William in the search for Julia. It's news that sends shock waves through the family. Can William trust a pirate to help rescue his wife? What other secrets lie buried like long lost treasure in these turquoise-blue waters?
Romance, intrigue, and swashbuckling leaps of faith create a wonderfully satisfying close to this heroic series

My Thoughts
This final book in the Ransome Trilogy was as good if not better than the previous two. I love how Kaye Dacus intertwined her stories. Ransome's Honor was about William and Julia with a side story of Ned and Charlotte. While Ransome's Crossing was about Ned and Charlotte with the side story about William and Julia. And then in Ransome's Quest they equally shared the spotlight for a glorious finale.
The new characters introduced in this story did well in their roles. From the evil heartless Shaw and his vicious crew to the almost lovable rogue, El Salvador with his interesting and sometimes even funny band of pirates. There was also another character you meet in this book who I thought was cool, but I'm not going to spoil the surprise.
I loved how we did get to see some of how life was in Jamaica, but were quickly able to get back to the fun life aboard the ships. Though for some the ship life they now experienced wasn't exactly enjoyable. It was also fun to watch the as romances of both William and Julia and Ned and Charlotte continued to grow despite the trying circumstances. All in all I would highly recommend getting your hands on this series of romance and adventure in the early 19th century. You won't be sorry!

About the Author
Kaye Dacus is the author of humorous, hope-filled contemporary and historical romances with Barbour Publishing, Harvest House Publishers, and B&H Publishing. She holds a Master of Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, is a former Vice President of American Christian Fiction Writers, and currently serves as President of Middle Tennessee Christian Writers. Kaye lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is a full-time academic advisor and part-time college composition instructor for a local university. To find out more about Kaye and her books, please visit her online at 


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