Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday #225: The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event that spotlights upcoming releases that we're
eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen
Bethany House-December 6, 2016

About the Book
First Series from Bestselling Author Julie Klassen!
The lifeblood of the Wiltshire village of Ivy Hill is its coaching inn, The Bell. But when the innkeeper dies suddenly, his genteel wife, Jane Bell, becomes the reluctant owner. Jane has no notion of how to run a business. However, with the town's livelihood at stake and a large loan due, she must find a way to bring new life to the inn.
Despite their strained relationship, Jane turns to her resentful mother-in-law, Thora, for help. Formerly mistress of The Bell, Thora is struggling to find her place in the world. As she and Jane work together, they form a measure of trust, and Thora's wounded heart begins to heal. When she encounters two men from her past, she sees them--and her future--in a different light.
With pressure mounting from the bank, Jane employs innovative methods to turn the inn around, and puzzles over the intentions of several men who seem to have a vested interest in the place. Will her efforts be enough to save The Bell? And will Thora embrace the possibility of a second chance at love?

Why I Want It
I always enjoy Julie Klassen's books and it's cool that she's finally doing a series! The plot hasn't fully captured my attention but I know it will be good!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Top Ten Halloween TV Show Episodes

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Halloween (II III IV)-Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Tuesday the 17th-Psych

Witch Hunt-NCIS

The One With the Halloween Party-Friends

Vampire Weekend-Castle

Spooky Endings-Happy Endings

It's the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester-Supernatural

Ho'oma'ike-Hawaii Five-0

Life of the Party-Angel

Halloween-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #239

Hosted by: The Book Date

Here is what I finished last week:
A pretty good non-fiction read!

What I am currently reading:
Still working on this one but it's enjoyable!

What I hope to read this week:
Hopefully I will actually get to this one this week!

Hope you have a great reading week, thanks for taking the time to check out mine!
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Friday, October 21, 2016

If Ever I Would Leave You by Susan May Warren

About the Book
If you harbored a devastating secret, had given your solemn promise of silence… what would make you to break it?
Ian Shaw can have anything he wants…
...except the woman he loves. After all, Sierra Rose is his amazing assistant, a woman who helps him hold his empire together, leaving him free to pursue his adventurous hobbies—his only distraction from his excruciating past… until now. But what if she is the one who can finally free him from his regrets?
Sierra Rose harbors a terrible secret…
...the fact that Ian’s favorite niece and ward, Esme, just might elope with her less-than-awesome boyfriend. Sierra’s made a promise to Esme—but her first loyalty belongs to her boss Ian, the man she's admired for years. But letting herself fall in love with him risks the best job she’s ever had.
When tragedy strikes, sparks ignite…
...because Esme has vanished. Ian fears the worst--has she run away with her boyfriend? Or, has something more sinister happened in the wilds of Glacier National Park? It's a race against time, with Sierra and Ian caught in the crossfire of secrets, regrets and what-ifs.

My Thoughts
I had a bit of mixed feelings about this novella. On one hand, like everything Susan May Warren has written, I loved it. But on the other hand the way it ended left me a little frustrated. You see while the entire novella was really good the story ended without anything being resolved. And while I realize it's because the rest of their story takes place in the series this novella was a prequel for, I still want to know what happens! 
That aside, the characters were great and I especially loved meeting Ian and Sierra. They're one of those couples that has feelings for each other but neither will admit it for fear of ruining the relationship they already have. I was rooting for them to finally just tell each other. Esme was a well written character too, your typical teen not always thinking everything through. 
The mystery of what happened to Esme when she disappeared was extremely intriguing and I desperately wanted to figure it out! But like I said at the beginning of this review, nothing got resolved so as I read the last sentence of this book I still had no clue where Esme was and Ian and Sierra's relationship was at pretty much the same place. And I need to know so I was quite happy that I already had Wild Montana Skies to dive into next!
**Full disclosure, I'm now fairly certain after finishing book one in this series that we'll have to wait till the last book to figure the mystery of Esme's disappearance and find out if Ian and Sierra ever get together! But don't let that stop you from enjoying these stories now!

Meet the Author
With over 1 million books sold, critically acclaimed novelist Susan May Warren is the Christy, RITA and Carol award-winning author of over forty-five novels with Tyndale, Barbour, Steeple Hill and Summerside Press. Known for her compelling plots and unforgettable characters, Susan has written contemporary and historical romances, romantic-suspense, thrillers, rom-com and Christmas novellas. 
With books translated into eight languages, many of her novels have been ECPA and CBA bestsellers, were chosen as Top Picks by Romantic Times, and have won the RWA's Inspirational Reader's Choice contest and the American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year award. She’s a three time RITA finalist and an eight time Christy Finalist.
Of her books, Publisher’s Weekly has written, “Warren lays bare her characters’ human frailties, including fear, grief, and resentment, as openly as she details their virtues of love, devotion, and resiliency. She has crafted an engaging tale of romance, rivalry, and the power of forgiveness.” 
And Library Journal adds, “Warren's characters are well-developed and she knows how to create a first rate contemporary romance…” 
Susan is also a nationally acclaimed writing coach, teaching at conferences around the nation and winner of the 2009 American Christian Fiction Writers Mentor of the Year award. She loves to help people launch their writing careers and is the founder of and, a writing website that helps authors get published and stay published. She’s also the author of the popular writing method, The Story Equation.

Friday Memes 10/21

Book Blogger Hop

The Question:
Instead of giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, you're going to give out homemade bookmarks. What would the bookmarks look like?

My Answer:
They'd say "Trick or Treat! It's time to read!" and I'd put pumpkins and fall leaves all around!

Hosted by: Rose City Reader

"Please join me every Friday to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires. Please remember to include the title of the book and the author's name."

I tore my gaze from the porch that wrapped around the drug dealer's house and cringed at the number on my phone's call display.
Mom said there'd be days like this.
Another Day, Another Dali by Sandra Orchard

My Thoughts
Fun beginning! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Union With Christ by Rankin Wilbourne

About the Book
To experience why the gospel is good news and answer life’s most foundational questions about identity, destiny, and purpose, we must understand what it means to be united to Christ.
If you are a Christian, the Bible says that Christ has united his life to yours, that you are now in Christ and Christ is in you. This almost unfathomable truth is the central theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Yet few Christians today experience or enjoy this reality. Union with Christ reveals the transformational power of this ancient doctrine while addressing the basic questions of the human heart:
Who Am I?
Why Am I Here?
Where Am I Headed?
How Will I Get There?

Nothing is more practical for living the Christian life than union with Christ. The recovery of this reality provides the anchor and engine for your life with God—for your destiny is not only to see Christ, but to actually become like him.

My Thoughts
This book had its ups and downs, for me at least, but overall it was a very well written book packed with some powerful truths that we all need to hear. The author took a topic that can come across as to hard to understand (which in some ways it is) and explained it in a very clear yet intelligent way. As a pretty much life-long Christian it's easy for me to feel like I've heard it all before but the way this message was presented and the words that he used hit me in a new way and really made me do some reevaluation.
There was one section that was a little harder to get through and a bit of redundancy (which might be helpful to others if this book is read over a longer period of days but I read it in a few days so it stuck out to me more) but that didn't detract from the heart of the book.
I feel like the words on these pages will speak to just about anyone who is willing to listen whether they are new Christians, long time Christians, or maybe just someone who wants to know what this whole Christian thing is all about.

Meet the Author
Rankin Wilbourne (M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary) is the pastor of Pacific Crossroads Church in Los Angeles. A former commercial banker, Rankin understands the “gap” between the gospel preached on Sunday and the world people face on Monday. Leading a thriving church in a city driven by imagination, he’s concerned with practical theology—drawing connections between what we believe and how we live. Rankin and his wife, Morgen, reside in Los Angeles with their three children.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday #224: For the Record

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event that spotlights upcoming releases that we're
eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

For the Record by Regina Jennings
Bethany House-December 6, 2016

About the Book
Betsy Huckabee might be a small-town girl, but she has big-city dreams. Writing for her uncle's newspaper will never lead to independence, and the bigger newspapers don't seem interested in the Hart County news. Trying a new approach, Betsy pens a romanticized serial for the ladies' pages, and the new deputy provides the perfect inspiration for her submissions. She'd be horrified if he read her breathless descriptions of him, but these articles are for a newspaper far away. No one in Pine Gap will ever know.
Deputy Joel Puckett didn't want to leave Texas, but this job in tiny Pine Gap is his only shot at keeping his badge. With masked marauders riding every night, his skills and patience are tested, but even more challenging is the sassy journalist lady chasing him.

Why I Want It
I've really enjoyed all of this author's books and this one sounds fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Ten Character Names I'd Use for My Future Kids

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

First Names

From Washington's Lady by Nancy Moser
(The actual George Washington made me want to use this name but the book made it work for this list!)

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

When A Heart Stops by Lynette Eason

To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer

Dead Reckoning by Ronie Kendig

Middle Names

Divergent by Veronica Roth
(Tobias Fornell from NCIS is the real reason I like this name but again, a book character made it work for this list!)

The River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren

The O'Conner Family Saga by Julie Lessman

Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon

The Wonder of You by Susan May Warren

Monday, October 17, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #238

Hosted by: The Book Date

Here is what I finished last week:
I had a great reading week! All of these were fantastic!

What I am currently reading:
So far these are enjoyable. I need to get Union With Christ finished by Thursday.

What I hope to read this week:
Maybe I'll get to this one this week!

Hope you have a great reading week, thanks for taking the time to check out mine!
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon

About the Book
After a disastrous Middle East mission ends his six-year Army Ranger career, Finn McGregor needs some downtime. A peaceful month in the woods sounds like the perfect way to decompress. But peace isn't on the agenda once he crosses paths with publishing executive Dana Lewis, a neighbor who is nursing wounds of her own. Someone seems bent on disrupting her stay in the lakeside cabin she inherited from her grandfather. As Finn and Dana work together to discover who is behind the disquieting pranks, the incidents begin to take on a menacing tone. And when it becomes apparent Dana's foe may have deadly intent, Finn finds himself back in the thick of the action--ready or not.

Bestselling author Irene Hannon draws readers into a web of psychological suspense where danger lurks in dark corners . . . and keeps them captive until the very last page.

My Thoughts
I love Irene Hannon and I've read almost 20 of her books but this series just might be my favorite.
We got to know Finn a little in his brothers' books but it was great to finally get in his head. I admired the way that he fought and worked as hard as he could to recover from his injuries rather than just wallowing in the fact that his military career was over. I also loved how, like his brothers, he had heroism and being a gentleman built into him. He was willing to run headlong into possible danger without a second thought if he thought someone was in jeopardy. And he was always very respectful and kind to those around him.
Dana was great heroine caring and quiet yet not afraid to take a stand when the need arose. She'd had a traumatizing experience but she didn't let it break her, as hard as it tried. Both Finn and Dana were in recovery mood and trying to figure out their next steps and they were exactly what each other needed. I loved how Finn kept showing up with little excuses and coming up with ways for them to spend time together. Their whole romance was adorable.
The suspense side of the story was a little bit different in that the bad guy really wasn't a bad guy, he just got in over his head. I even found myself feeling sorry for him. There was a second "villain" who definitely fit that title more than the other guy but he wasn't as much the main focus, at least at first. But the author wove it all together brilliantly and I found myself devouring the pages to find out what was happening.
It was great seeing more of Mac and Lance and I absolutely loved when all three McGregor brothers were together! They had me laughing so much! They're great on their own but the three of them play off each other so well!

I'm sad to see this series end but I loved every page of it and I can't wait to see what the author has in store for us next!

Meet the Author
Irene Hannon is the best-selling author of more than 35 novels. Her books have been honored with the coveted RITA Award from Romance Writers of America, the HOLT Medallion, the Reviewer's Choice Award from Romantic Times BOOKreviews magazine and the Daphne du Maurier Award for mystery/suspense. Irene and her husband make their home in Missouri, USA. Irene invites you to visit her at her website,

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.