Saturday, October 09, 2004

Review Links

I've added the review links to this site - be sure to let me know what you think of the reviews. And check out all the other features on - interviews with authors, first chapters, price comparison feature for all books (not just Christian), plus more reviews by talented reviewers, including some authors!

In the midst of a nasty cold, but still plugging away at reviews. I'm looking forward to many of the upcoming books - Ted Dekker's Obsessed, Hanegraaff and Brouwer's The Last Disciple, and Tricia Goyer's Night Song. All of these will eventually be on the same site, and I'll add their links then.

Soon I'll be editing Winter and adding more description. Any tips on making readers feel like they're wherever the character is? I'll be trying to include four or more senses in every scene and adding touches of color.

On another note, is anyone doing NaNoWriMo? Sounds fun, but it's at the wrong time for me this year. January or February would be better.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


In a marathon race to the finish, I completed the rough draft of Winter Friday night. Finally! The writing's a bit sparse at the end, but I plan to add description to my bare-bones story. The characters, their relationships, and the action of the story is fully developed, but the settings are barely penciled in. Which is how I write. Why mess up when I'm in the groove by describing how things look?

Now it's on to getting caught up with review books and writing a book proposal for my first novel.