Saturday, September 25, 2004

Climax Rush

I've finally reached the climax of my current novel. I'm not much of an outliner, but I've had this part of the book planned out for several months. I'm getting to it at last after a long delay (thanks to those endless book reviews).

The odd part is, I'm so excited about doing it that I want to race through to the end. Which, for me, leads to bad writing. Choppy sentences, repeated phrases, boring choice of words. I know I can fix it later, but I usually edit as I go. Once I've let it sit a day or so, it's pretty much kiln-fired. I can polish it a bit; sand off the rough edges; but anything more and I have to drop it on the floor and start over, or leave the flaws.

At the same time, I know I'll be sorry to finish this book. I've fallen in love with Rob and Winter, Cassie and the twins. At least with my first book I had the sequel well planned out, with many of the same characters. I know I'll come back to them. With Winter, the only sequel would be far too detached to make me feel better, or I'd have to stir up more trouble between Rob and Winter, and I think they've had their fair share already.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Blog Procrastination

Reason #1 - My parents don't like their 21-year-old daughter going to bed at three or four or five each morning, and have given me a curfew of 2AM. So it's often a choice for this night owl of writing or blogging, and you can see which I've picked recently.
Reason #2 - My 14-year-old sister signed up on AOL Instant Messenger and loves to take this computer off me. Even when she's only IMing our brother downstairs.
Reason #3 - This blog is too much like book reviewing, and I already do about two reviews a week.
Reason #4 - I've already discussed my most pressing writing pet peeves.

So . . . I've decided to be less rigid with this blog. Have more fun. Talk about myself and the (very) few things I do beyond reading and writing. Quit trying to avoid stepping on people's toes and say what I really feel about books.

Maybe I'll have more to share that way. I hope so.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Live History

Sorry for the lack of posts - but I finally have my reviews down to a manageable schedule. Hopefully.

Another of Cavanaugh's strengths is his ability to put likeable characters in tough situations. He is rather mean to them at times, especially for diehard romantics like me. Not sure what I'm talking about? Read his Songs in the Night series - his best so far, for ripping your heart out and sticking it back together.

Though he keeps his characters true to the time periods they live in (okay, maybe they push the norm a little, but that's what makes them interesting), they still feel like people you'd like to have as friends. He keeps them vivid and unique. Those are some of the best ways to make history come alive.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Companied Out

Four families over in three days makes for one very tired oldest daughter. And now my brother wants me to make ho-ho cake for his birthday. Thanks, Stephen.

I did enjoy the company, but not saying goodbye to my long-time friend, Hilary. What's it been, ten years? I'll miss you!

Writing-wise, I've gotten a lot done on my current book, though I really need to get cracking at book reviews. I'll have more on Cavanaugh next week.