Sunday, December 15, 2019

Love You, Truly by Susan L. Tuttle

About the Book
Blake Carlton, the camera-shy son of Hollywood’s Darling, dodges the invasive limelight and scripted relationships that so often accompany fame. But when his mother’s popularity declines and she falls into a depression, he offers himself up as the next bachelor on a reality show, hoping to reignite interest in her career while creating a way for them to finally connect.
After her fiancĂ© dumps her for her best friend, aspiring photographer Harlow Tucker is done with romance—until her beloved, disabled sister requests her aid to start a nonprofit. Harlow agrees to do whatever is needed to raise funds, even reluctantly costarring on a dating show with a notorious womanizer who distrusts anyone behind a lens.
As Blake and Harlow navigate the superficiality of a reality show, their preconceived notions of love are challenged. Deciding to trust each other feels like the ultimate risk, but taking that chance could lead to a love truly picture-perfect, worth both of their hearts.

My Thoughts
When you absolutely love an author’s debut novel there’s always a little bit of worry starting their sophomore release. Was the first book just a one-off? A one-hit wonder? But I needn’t have have worried with this one! As much as I loved At First Glance, I think this one was even better!
First of all, Bachelor Nation is my guilty pleasure so I loved the reality dating show plot line! It was such a fun setting for the story!
I loved Blake and Harlow! Neither of them have had an easy go of things and life left them both with trust issues. Blake grew-up in the limelight and felt like a commodity that people used but never truly knew. And Harlow grew up with a sister who had a debilitating disease and as a result her needs and desires always came second leaving her feeling unnoticed. Both we’re looking to people for things that only God could give them and I loved seeing their journey to discovering that.
The banter/arguing between Blake and Harlow was easily one of my favorite things about this book, I laughed out loud so many times at their witty remarks.
As for the romance, it was so authentic and real and I absolutely loved it. Neither of them had any illusions of actually falling in love and that made the way it slowly happened all the sweeter! They were exactly what the other didn’t know they needed. And the kisses (or lack there of), so perfectly done! Never has a kiss on the cheek made me melt into a puddle until this book and I’m still smiling just thinking about it! I was so totally invested in their relationship that I was scared right along with them, they both were fragile, imperfect people, and it seemed like one wrong move could shatter everything irreversibly. But Tuttle skillfully wove their tale, and though there was a lot of hard go through it was a breaking that needed to happen so that things could come together in a more perfect way.
In short I loved everything about this book and I’m already planning a reread!

About the Author
Susan L. Tuttle was born and raised in the Mitten State where she met and married her best friend. A homeschooling mom of three, somewhere along the way she blinked and those three littles aren’t so little anymore. Now she balances their teenage years with directing the women’s ministry at her church and writing new stories. She fully believes that God is the biggest romancer in the world and that He loves each one of us lavishly even in all our imperfections—a belief tried and tested by her own misses at perfection. Never having met a cookie she didn’t like, most days you’ll find her enjoying one for a treat between chauffeuring her kiddos around, attempting housework, contemplating exercise, or coaxing her current characters to talk.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Above the Fold by Rachel Scott McDaniel

About the Book
After losing the love of her life to a big city journalism job, Elissa Tillman pours herself into the suffragette movement and her secretarial work helping keep her father’s Pittsburgh newspaper afloat.
Cole Parker returns to the steel city with the phantom failures of his past nipping his heels. All he asks of the future is a second chance with the woman he once spurned.
The murder of a millionaire offers the perfect chance for Elissa to prove to her father and the world that she’s a serious journalist. But there’s a catch—she has to compete for the story. Against none other than Cole Parker, the very man who shattered her heart.

My Thoughts
There is something equally wonderful and terrifying about reading the debut novel of someone you consider a friend.
Thankfully (and not surprisingly) this book was all wonderful! I was hooked from the very start and even though life kept taking me away from reading the story stayed with me, calling me back to its pages!
Admittedly I was scared that I would hate Elissa. She was desperate to prove herself as a reporter and was a staunch supporter of women’s rights, two things that often make heroines obnoxious and off-putting to me. But this author handled both aspects extremely well and they didn’t annoy me in this character even once! Elissa did have a little maturing to do but I found myself liking her and rooting for her as she experienced the growth. Cole was a hero you couldn’t help cheering for. He overcame a lot of hurdles, some that were of his own making, and was determined to be a man worthy of the opportunities he was given. I absolutely love his unwavering love of Elissa. He didn’t care what personal cost there were to him as long as she was protected.
I loved seeing them find their way back to each other and the love they’d never given up.
The big story they were chasing provided a captivating mystery throughout the book and the author expertly penned it so that even I was shocked by the ending!
And I can’t write this review without talking about one more “character” the city of Pittsburgh. As someone who’s lived outside of the city her whole life I absolutely loved all the mentions of all the familiar places! She definitely did our beautiful city justice!
All in all I could not believe this was a debut and I’m already anxiously awaiting whatever else this author has in store for us!

Meet the Author
Rachel Scott McDaniel is an award-winning author of historical romance. Winner of the ACFW Genesis Award and the RWA Touched By Love award, Rachel infuses faith and heart into each story. She currently enjoys life in Ohio with her husband and two kids. Rachel can be found online at and on all social media platforms.

I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Friday, December 06, 2019

The Dating Charade by Melissa Ferguson

About the Book
Just when you think you’ve met your match . . . the charade begins.
Cassie Everson is an expert at escaping bad first dates. And, after years of meeting, greeting, and running from the men who try to woo her, Cassie is almost ready to retire her hopes for a husband—and children—altogether.
But fate has other plans, and Cassie’s online dating profile catches the eye of firefighter Jett Bentley. In Jett’s memory, Cassie Everson is the unreachable girl-of-legend from their high school days. Nervously, he messages her, setting off a chain of events that forces a reluctant Cassie back into the dating game.
No one is more surprised than Cassie when her first date with Jett is a knockout. But when they both go home and find three children dropped in their laps—each—they independently decide to do the right and mature thing: hide the kids from each other while sorting it all out. What could go wrong?
Melissa Ferguson’s hilarious and warmhearted debut reminds us that love can come in very small packages—and that sometimes our best-laid plans aren’t nearly as rewarding and fun as the surprises that come our way.

My Thoughts
I have been desperately searching for a new contemporary romance author to love and I have just found her! You guys. This book was amazing! Everything I wanted it to be and so so so much more!! From the very beginning I was completely hooked and I read the whole thing in one sitting! Everything was expertly crafted, from the characters, to the plot, to the romance, to the humor! Cannot believe that this is a debut-it was that well done!
I loved Jett and Cassie, both of them work in jobs that require sacrifice and they both care passionately about the people they take care of. They both immediately step up and in when it is needed almost without thought to how it will disrupt their lives. They were so perfectly matched for each other and I loved their easy connection and the banter between them!
One of my favorite parts about this book was how much it made me laugh out loud! The humor was brilliantly woven in so naturally and just perfectly timed! There was the antics of the kids, the teasing of the friends, the scheming of little old ladies, and a bunch of other hilarious moments.
The secondary cast of characters were all so entertaining and I loved each of them for their own reasons!
Basically every single part of this book was awesomely fantastic and Melissa Ferguson has launched herself on to my favorite authors list! Cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us!

Meet the Author
Melissa Ferguson is an adjunct professor for Bible and religion at King University. She lives in the charming town of Bristol, Tennessee, with her husband, twin toddlers, and baby girl. She used to have hobbies like running and backpacking the Appalachian Trail outside her door. Now her hobbies include admiring the Appalachian Trail out her minivan window while singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" en route to the library.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.