Friday, September 24, 2004

Blog Procrastination

Reason #1 - My parents don't like their 21-year-old daughter going to bed at three or four or five each morning, and have given me a curfew of 2AM. So it's often a choice for this night owl of writing or blogging, and you can see which I've picked recently.
Reason #2 - My 14-year-old sister signed up on AOL Instant Messenger and loves to take this computer off me. Even when she's only IMing our brother downstairs.
Reason #3 - This blog is too much like book reviewing, and I already do about two reviews a week.
Reason #4 - I've already discussed my most pressing writing pet peeves.

So . . . I've decided to be less rigid with this blog. Have more fun. Talk about myself and the (very) few things I do beyond reading and writing. Quit trying to avoid stepping on people's toes and say what I really feel about books.

Maybe I'll have more to share that way. I hope so.


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