Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Avoiding Focus

I've been avoiding my writing lately. It's not because of any particular difficulty - I'm not stuck on a plot point or trying to review an indescribable book. It's just laziness, I guess. Broadband has not been good for my writing habits. I keep hoping to catch friends online, and spend my free time glued to the wrong computer. I prefer silence (or great music) and solitude for my writing, but maybe I'll have to compromise and do some writing out here with headphones. Something to help me not waste my time.

This week in The Writers View the topic of diversifying writing came up. It's usually best, sales-wise, for fiction authors to stay in one genre. But I don't know which genre I would pick. I love historical fiction and romantic suspense and thrillers and fantasy and mysteries and contemporary fiction. It would be a hard choice. Since I'm not published yet, the decision doesn't need to be made overnight, but I'll be giving it some serious thought over the next few weeks. I want to decide a focus for my writing instead of floundering.


Dianne said...

Hi Katie! I'd lost track of your blog for sometime, but just came across it again via the Chrstian Writers forum. And just let me say I can so relate to you here on both accounts. The internet sucks up an amazing amount of time I should spend writing. And I too am struggling with genre, although actually my dilemna is simply "fact or fiction." I tend to lean towards non-fiction, but ideas for stories are always teasing in the background. But like you, I don't really have to decide yet!

Anonymous said...

One thing to ask yourself, which I know you probably already have, is what is the genre you most enjoy reading? I know you enjoy several, but if you absolutely had to pick one, which would it be? That might give you an idea of which direction you should go.

Good luck!
C.J. Darlington

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