Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools

I will admit that I'm somewhat gullible. I even skimmed through Dave's post at faith*in*fiction and didn't realize it was a hoax until I read the comments. (Though I'll admit, the mention of Narnia and Bethany House together threw me off track, with my hopes to write a Narnia sequel someday. And if you're ever wondering about the similar templates on the sites, remember, I had mine first before Dave changed his.) I have a tendency not to be able to focus on too many things at the same time, so I take things at face value and ponder them later. Not good with practical-joke-playing sisters. At least today they mostly ignored the holiday, since my brother's girlfriend spent the day with us. Much more relaxing than five years ago, when we moved in on April 1st.

I haven't done much writing this week as I've spent quite a lot of time online - listing auctions on eBay, checking out how to become an affiliate, and started an online forum for my young adult class at church. And the topic this half of the week on The Writers' View is on websites. I've been learning a lot, and enjoying it. But I'm wondering how all this spinning of wheels is affecting my writing. I fooled around too much in March - I don't want April to be the same way.


Randy Kirk said...

Couldn't find an email for you on the site, so just sending you a note this way. I have listed you under my favorites at The site is primarily a place of discussion re: Christian living, but includes quite a few book reviews. Hope you'll visit.

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