Saturday, August 06, 2005


Well, the week only has about 23 hours left, and I didn't get all the to dos done. I'm blaming it on the AC dying. Except for a nice rainy day Friday, we had highs in the 90s here in PA, and the house temperature ranged from 81-85. Nasty for both sleeping and writing. VBS (including dinner) took up from 4:30 to 10:30 at least each evening, one day we prepared food, and two days we babysat from before nine until after two. So, while I'm disappointed at not getting more done, I'm grateful I accomplished what I did.

Nevermind that I picked three more review books this week. Oh, well, one's a youth novel and I had three others I wanted. But I was strict with myself and kept my list short.

Dave Long at faith*in*fiction is challenging us writers with another contest. This time it's those dreaded conversions stories. Although I didn't place in the last contest, I'm hoping to give this one a try. Providing I get a brilliant idea. Otherwise, I'll just work on my own neglected writings. But a short story may be just the thing to get me back into the swing of weaving creative tales.


Michel Archer said...

Hi Katie! What good looking blog! i could definitely relate to a number of your entries. Like you, I'm going to enter the conversion contest. I hope a lot of people do. It would certainly be nice to see some good conversion tales come out of it!

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