Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Comes A Horseman

If Frank Peretti's books creep you out, don't pick up Robert Liparulo's Comes A Horseman. But if you're brave, be prepared for a ride.

FBI agents Brady Moore and Alicia Wagner are on the trail of a serial killer, one who doesn't seem to have a pattern for who he kills. But his methods are the same - attack dogs, gruesome beheadings, and an odd emblem burnt into the victim's skin. Just as Brady and Alicia make the connection between the victims, the killer turns to them.

But things aren't as simple as one deranged murderer. A conspiracy a thousand years old threatens to shake the world. And a powerful man covets the title of . . . Antichrist.

Liparulo packs his novel with vivid imagery - almost too vivid for one unused to flayed flesh and gouged eyeballs. But the plot refuses to let you put the book down.


MD Brauer, MD said...


A nice post, however, I find myself liking gore, violence, and thrill a minute less and less with each passing year.

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