Saturday, December 31, 2005

End of the Year Review

This'll probably be a quick post, as we're having a New Year's Eve party that should be better attended than last year's (two people). But I wanted to offer a few thoughts on the year.

Writing-wise, this year has been the most lucrative so far, but comparing $65 to $40 doesn't bring a great sense of satisfication. Reviews have been pretty much the same, novel work has consisted of mostly editing, but poetry has blossomed, albeit mostly of a personal, nonpublishable nature. Also, the hours I've devoted to writing this year have been fewer. Perhaps due to a better internet connection.

Friendships with other writers online have florished, though. I've continued to enjoy various forums and blogs. As other friends have moved away, connection online has been a big plus. I've also been able to keep up with a variety of things, including info on the Narnia movie. The Chronicles of Narnia have been among my favorite books for many years, and the Narnia craze is just to my liking. Even many of my Christmas gifts were Narnia-themed, including a Stratego game I'll probably be playing tonight.

I do better on those sort of games than bowling and putt-putt golfing, which I did for the first time in a long while this year. I prefer this year's other outings, especially trips to Rogers (huge flea market and animal auction place) with one of my closest friends and her family (p.s. Valerie, some of her kids are my age too).

Best Movie of 2005: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Best Nonfiction Book of 2005: Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge

Best Fiction Book of 2005: Tahn by L. A. Kelly (plus many more)

Best CD of 2005: The Art of Breaking by Thousand Foot Krutch (the Narnia score and inspired by soundtrack and Lifehouse were close seconds)

Best TV Christmas Movie of 2005: Silent Night

Most Faithful Friends of 2005: Charity, Ruthi, Charlie, and Hilary (plus my family)

Favorite Fad Followed in 2005: Italian charm bracelets

Favorite Article of Clothing in 2005: Jean shirt

Favorite Animal of 2005: Leopold (parakeet), 2nd place, Kiera (cat)


Anonymous said...

hello katie! i know this post has nothing to do with your topic, but i couldn't find any other way to contact you. anyways, i was wondering if you could help me out a bit with a couple of novels i'm writing. if you're interested, e-mail me at with the title of the subject being, "BUBBLES" (so that i don't think it's spam). if you're not interested, please e-mail me back anyways so that i know. thank you!

Katie Hart - Pinterest Manager said...

What are your novels about?

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