Monday, May 15, 2006

Storm by Jack Cavanaugh

Asa Rush is unfortunate enough to be a freshman at Yale - in 1798, when upperclassmen are free to torment new students at will. Worse yet, sophomore Eli Cooper seems to have singled him out for derision.

However, a bright ray appears in Asa's life when he is reacquainted with Annabelle Byrd, his sister's old friend. Annabelle is witty, intoxicating, everything Asa dreams. If only he could get his mouth to work properly around her.

Asa knows Yale College has forsaken its Godly roots for the popular theories that fueled the French Revolution. Yale's president, the dynamic Dr. Timothy Dwight, prays that God will bring a revival to the college and knows that students like Asa Rush can help light the spiritual darkness. He gives Asa a special commission - befriend a particular student with the aim of reaching him for Christ. The student's name? Eli Cooper.

In the midst of Asa's personal conflicts, a sinister undercurrent permeates the campus. A clandestine group labors to fan the flames of revolution and overturn a government still in its infancy.

Cavanaugh expertly combines two genres - historical and suspense - into a detailed, fast-paced novel. Then he adds well-drawn characters for readers to relate to and a deep theme to ponder after the book is finished. It's no wonder he's known as a master storyteller.

The previous books in The Great Awakenings series have the same excitement and depth. While a few threads tie the books together, each story is complete in itself and the novels can be read in any order.

For an insightful pageturner, pick up Jack Cavanaugh's Storm. You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! One more title for my To Be Read list! :)

David Meigs said...

Great review. I’ll have to pick it up. Thanks.

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