Friday, January 26, 2007

If the Shoe Fits

Have glass slipper, need prince . . .

If the Shoe Fits by Marilynn Griffith tells the story of single mom (and soon to-be-grandma) Rochelle Gardner. After years of having the only man in her life as her son, now his father's back in the area. And the church deacon she's known for a decade suddenly seems interested in her. And then there's that new singles group she's joined, though the man who catches her eye is a waiter at the restaurant they frequent. With her son's girlfriend about to give birth, a designer shoe store to run, and people paying far too much attention to her not-so-beautiful feet, it's a good thing Rochelle has the Sassy Sistahood to back her up!

This book is the sequel to Made of Honor, and I really wish I had read book #1 first. All of the characters and how they knew each other/were related was very confusing during the first third of the novel. If the Shoe Fits deals with some difficult issues such as teen pregnancy and abandonment, yet God's workings are clearly seen. I'd give this book to any woman who complained that CBA books aren't realistic enough.


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