Thursday, March 13, 2008

Exclusive Bits from Susan May Warren Interview - Part Three

More from my interview with Susie!

How has your writing changed over the past few years?

I have branched out into new voices (first person, chick voice), and deeper stories. I love stories with rich subplots and innovative techniques, and Taming Rafe, with the "story in a story" element really gave me an opportunity to stretch my wings.

How do you research your novels?

I love research!! I spend hours learning the intricacies of professions I’ve used in my books, from SAR K-9 work, to firefighting, to flying an airplane, to bull-riding. I even traveled out west and lived on a ranch for a week, learning to rope and herd cattle. I have been blessed with an arsenal of people who I go to who will check my details – firefighters, pilots, soldiers. Once, on an airplane, I made my son change seats with me so I could interview his green beret seatmate! That information I used in constructing, Flee the Night. I have to admit, I can go overboard with the "everything’s research" mentality. Like the time our garage burned down. The fire was still blazing and I was over at the fire trucks, drawing pictures of the gauges and quizzing one of the firefighters on how they worked!

Can you tell me a little about your family and home?

[First part in my article.] Most of all, it’s fun to live with people who are creative, also, because we have wonderful “help mom brainstorm her books” sessions! We live in the north woods, surrounded by 5 acres of woods, and spend a lot of time snowmobiling, or camping and fishing in the summer. And, on a Saturday, it’s not strange to see us all laying on the sofa, under our own blankets, reading a book (to ourselves, or even out loud).

Thanks again, Susie! Be sure to visit her site for more about her novels!


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