Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teensy Weensy Story Genres

If you read yesterday's earlier post, you'll know I finaled in the latest Rants & Ramblings contest. Today I wanted to discuss the various genres of the 6 finalist stories. I'm making up titles for the entries so they're easier to identify.

"To Russell" by JL seems to be chick lit, with the snarky tone, female protagonist, and strong voice.

"Turning Around" by Melanie falls clearly into women's fiction, based on the characters and their word choices.

"Backfiring Magic" by yours truly, is young adult fantasy set (at least partly) in this world, with spells and the protagonist having (at least previously) a principal.

"Jail Bait" by nm8r67 has elements for suspense, mystery, and maybe even romance. The know-it-all partner is sparking some strong feelings.

"Another Contest" by Mark Adair is a bit odd - a fictionalized memoir, perhaps?

Finally, "Grandma's Approval" by Rebecca LuElla Miller sets the tone for a thoughtful coming-of-age story.

Six stories. Six genres. All based on one little picture and fitting in 100 words.

Which story is your favorite? Does it match up with your favorite genre?


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Katie -

Congratulations on being a finalist in Rachelle Gardner's contest.

I also read her blog daily, but I didn't take the story challenge this time around. Maybe next time.

Susan J. Reinhardt :)

M. C. Pearson said...

Sorry, this is off topic...but I was sending out the Teen FIRST email and your email kicked it back. Is there a different email I should be sending to? Or can you set my address to not be rejected?

You can grab the html for tomorrow's post at http://allfirstalliances.blogspot.com/

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