Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Apology

I'm sorry, little blog.

Sorry that I've all but ignored you over the past few years. You've been faithfully sitting on the web since June 2004, yet over time I've forgotten that you were the one who helped me dip my toes into cyberspace.

You introduced me to how my words could reach thousands of people across the globe. You taught me how to rant politely, to vent without offending, and when I shouldn't worry about stepping on a few toes.

You helped me meet other writers, and graciously became my public face to them. You showed me how to jazz you up with links, pictures, and block quotes. You let me practice my rudimentary HTML skills on your sidebar, with unlimited previews and an undo button.

When other blogs updated to the snazzy new layout, with widgets, you didn't care that I left you in template mode. Or kept the same blue header that you'd had from the beginning.

When I deserted you for months on end while I pursued other writing projects, you didn't mind. You were even fine when I started other blogs and focused on them instead of you.

You never complained when I reduced the bulk of your posts to book tours, even if many of the tour posts matched those on other sites. You simply enjoyed whenever I had time to jot down a few original thoughts within them.

Through it all you remained steady, bringing in traffic from search engines to posts written long ago, ignoring dead links in your sidebar, and dreaming about the days of old.

Well, dream no longer, little blog. I have returned. I am determined to reclaim the past and breathe new life into your well-worn coding. It is time . . . to blog again!

And I know, if I fail you once more, you will still be there for me - my ever faithful blog.

Thank you for being you, and for letting me be me.


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