Thursday, October 22, 2020

If It's Perfect by Summer Dowell

About the Book
One thing I learned this week: DO NOT flirt while at a client’s wedding. (especially with anyone in a tux)

Success-driven Hope Fletcher has some lofty goals for her life. But is it really too much to want a thriving cake design business by age 29? Marry a perfect (emphasis on the perfect) man by age 30? Then have the kids, dog, and house in suburbia by age 34? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Dean. Wonderful, dreamy Dean who loves kids (and will eventually grow to love dogs) steps into Hope's world. He's the exact type of man she's been looking for and she starts falling. Hard. 
But will Hope's perfect image of Dean crumble when she finds out about his past?
A clean, loud-out-loud romantic comedy that's full of sarcasm and swoons!

My Thoughts
This book was as sweet as the cakes the heroine makes and I absolutely loved it! The wit and humor were well-timed and had me grinning throughout and even laughing out loud at times. The romance was light and charming and I loved Hope and Dean together. Hope was definitely a perfectionist but the author wrote it in an endearing way and I could relate to some of her control issues. I enjoyed seeing her learn to let go a bit and realize that no one, not even herself, could live up to her perfect standard. Dean was great and I loved how much of a gentleman he was and how he was such a great blend of sweet and funny!
I also really liked the wedding cake aspect of the story, took me back to my bakery days (though I didn’t make them, just sold them) and it was a fun setting for everything!
All in all an utterly cute read that I highly recommend if you are looking for a light read to put a smile on your face!

Meet the Author
Meet Summer. Your best-reading-buddy-that-you've-never-actually-met who's obsessed with writing romance books. You know, that friend that always has a sarcastic comeback & whose favorite thing is to sit next to you on the couch, not talking, reading our own books? That's Summer.
She's a stay home mom to 6 and has a slight need to escape the laundry and diaper chaos. Summer turned her ability to see the humor in anything into a lineup of books that now inspire readers to chuckle, snicker, and even lol at the embarrassing situations she puts characters in.
Her superpower? Besides writing book dedications that purposely call out her husband, she is really good at giving people an escape from their everyday lives in the form of a story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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