Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I've been neglecting this blog lately, I know. Mostly because there's nothing to report and I'm a bit embarrassed. Second reason (i.e. excuse) is that my family's nice broadband-connected computer caught a virus and now Windows must be reinstalled - whenever my dad gets around to it. It's been down for a month.

My writing for the past little while has consisted of rambling journal entries and freestyle poetry. Dumping my thoughts and emotions on paper is my favorite way of processing them. It's been a lazy though refreshing time, but tomorrow it's back to work. I need something to distract and inspire myself rather than endlessly brooding.

Just finished rereading L'Engle's Walking on Water. I love how that book makes me think.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your computer - nothing can drive me crazier than a computer on the blink - well that, and hearing "mama, mama, mama, mama, mama...recited 900 times before breakfast.

Hope you get back to writing soon - everyone needs a break now and then:-)

Valerie Comer said...

nice to see you back :)

Roo Palmer said...

Hi, Katie,
hate it when my pc is down or under maintenance so i can sympathise. It's like being without a car. I am lost without my the ability to write or communicate on the net. I found your blogs via the christian writers site. I am also a christian e-author member. They are a great group for support.
do visit my blogs site at
http://www.spweblog.com/roopalmer or http://roopalmer.blogspot.com and my link from the http://www.christianeauthor.com via the e-news and authors link.
i love to get to know new christian authors because i believe we need each other to encourage each other along as we a often have too many people working against us even within our own churches. I do have support from my own church in general, but often feel i'm in their way at times.
Roo Palmer

MD Brauer, MD said...

Dropped by to check out your post, hope you start posting again soon.

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