Friday, January 27, 2006

"Missing" Links

Infuze Magazine (yes, I do like that site - in fact it's my homepage) recently posted an opportunity for readers to make their own mini-movie at Dfilm. The flash program is more like a comic strip with music and a limited selection of characters and backgrounds, but it was fun. Infuze posted movies for comment here, and you can also view my movie, "Missing Winter," here. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment either here or at Infuze. And after you view my movie, make one of your own!

On another subject, my little blog here seems to be doing quite well on online searches. Someone in Saudi Arabia did a blogger search for "novels," and Christian Novels was the top find for entire blogs about the subject. Nice discovery.

And speaking of novels, I don't know how many of you scroll down the page to see all the links. A handful of writers' sites. More than 50 reviews I've written. Almost twenty blogs I visit regularly, most of them done by fiction writers (even several editors). And, for dessert, links to more than 70 Christian authors - and I've read at least one book by each of them.

Since this blog is about the Christian novels I love as well as my own adventures writing Christian novels (and other writings I happen to be working on), I'm going to try promoting a Christian author on most of my posts. I already review many of their books (and as part of the Christian Fiction Blogging Alliance, post several of them on here), and other bloggers are already posting author interviews on their sites. So I plan to do something different. Just what, you'll have to find out.


Mikesell said...

I liked your film at Infuze a lot. I made one as well, but it's not listed yet. It may get bounced due to content (a bit risque); if Robin & Co. don't post it by Tuesday, look for it on my blog (you have me listed) next Wednesday.

You should mention this (the Infuze thing, not my film appearing on my blog next Wednesday at the latest) at f*i*f. I don't believe anyone has posted it at "Published Works" yet.

--Chris (dFm)

C.J. Darlington said...

Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind, Katie.

Janice said...

Hi Katie:

A few women from the Paul, Barnabas, Timothy group have tried to email you and your email is bouncing.


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