Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Winning Sites - Ted Dekker

As promised - what I'm up to:

In my previous post, I stated that I wanted to promote Christian authors on this blog in some way other than reviews and interviews. The blogosphere (as well as the rest of the world wide web) seems to be brimming with both. My challenge was to come up with something different, something creative, something not overly time-consuming for me or authors.

Well, folks, I believe I've found it.

You've probably not noticed the small addition to the sidebar - yes, that's the one, which matches the title of this post. Winning Sites. How would you like your site to be listed under there? Read on.

Every once in a while (somewhere between weekly and monthly) I'll be posting a short contest on this blog. A few simple (or hard!) questions on an author or one of his/her books. Reply with a comment containing the correct answers, and you'll be entered into a drawing to have your blog, website, or a site of your choice (subject to content screening) listed under "Winning Sites."

Drawings will be held a week after the post, and the winning sites will be limited to 5-7 to keep a fresh, short list. But even with the most frequent posting, that's more than a month of exposure for your website. I hope to offer more prizes as this continues to grow.

Authors, want to get in on this? Contact me at theloneislands@yahoo.com. I'd especially love it if you were able to offer freebies to the winners - bookmarks, autographed bookplates, advance review copies, a signed copy of your book, whatever. Let me know what you're willing to offer.

As you may have guessed, today's contest focuses on Ted Dekker - more specifically his book Blink. One of my favorite books, it tells the story of what happens when a Saudi Arabian princess teams up with an American genius. You can buy the book at Amazon, CBD, or your local Christian bookstore.

Contest questions:

1. What happens to Miriam's friend Sita?
2. What's Seth's IQ? (estimate acceptable)
3. What's the first name of the professor Miriam goes to for help?
4. Why is Omar after Miriam?
5. What special gift does Seth have?

Put your answers in a comment to this post, along with the website you'd want me to list (or your email address so I can contact you if you win). Have fun!


Anonymous said...

hey katie. here r my answers
1. sita was drowned in her family's swimming pool for fighting her husband
2. seth's iq was higher than albert einstein so i'll guess, 170
3. i have no idea. it completely left my mind. all i remember is i didn't like her.
4. Omar is after Miriam because she is a princess who ran away from a stupid wedding.
5. seth has the gift of seeing possiblities of the future. it's up to him to pick the right one to save his and miriam's life.

Anonymous said...

1. Sita's father drowned her
2. Seth's IQ--197, I think
3. Hillary
4. Omar covets power; marryiing Miriam, daughter of a Shiite sheik, will give it to him, a Sunni. He's willing (and eager, though not until he tortures her, of course) to kill her because she scorned him.
5. For a brief period of time, Seth sees myriad possible futures. Like all gifts, his is to bring glory to God and serve a specific purpose. I love the way the gift confounds Seth of the brilliant mind, and yet only such a mind could have reviewed all those futures at the speed he did and have chosen the one future that would save their life.

Now, as all future applicants will be able to read both Heidi's and my answers, they won't even have to bother reading the book. But, if they don't, they'll miss a lot of fun.

Sandra James said...

1. Sita is drowned for refusing her husband.
2. Either 192 or 197.
3. Her name is Hillary Brackenshire.
4. She ran away so she wouldn't have to marry him.
5. He can see multiple potential futures up to three hours out and can figure out exactly what needs to be done to make each one happen.

My name is Sandra James, and I have a blog called arwenthesneaky.blogspot.com

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