Monday, July 10, 2006

River Rising and MusiChristian

As many of you know (especially if you read my previous post), River Rising by Athol Dickson won a Christy Award this weekend! I recently reviewed the book for Keepin' On Magazine (free registration required to read the entire review):

Step back into Louisiana, 1927. The last town carved out of the swamplands before the Mississippi meets the Gulf, Pilotville stands alone in a sea of segregation.

In my review I mention Dickson's other novel, They Shall See God, which I enjoyed far more than River Rising. Why? I've been pondering this for a while. Perhaps because I had to read River Rising quickly as my first review choice hadn't arrived. Perhaps I'm more used to quality writing now so good books don't stand out as much.

Those are external reasons. Within They Shall See God, the suspense is sharper, the villain more sadistic, the protagonists more relateable (though I readily admit that being female I may have a preference for female protagonists). Also, I found the contemporary conflict between Christians and Jews more intriguing than an 80-years-ago conflict between blacks and whites.

Did you happen to click the link above for They Shall See God? It leads to the website. MusiChristian is doing a special launch promotion this week, with special offers each day this week! I've already taken advantage of their first offer - a free Message Remix Bible with any order! I bought My Other Band, a compilation of side projects by members of bands like Relient K and Audio Adrenaline.

Shameless plug: If you go to MusiChristian or BooksChristian through this site, I get a commission on any order you place! They're a great company and their shipping is fast! I even got a prerelease order the day before it came out.

And I'm planning to post a different kind of contest later this week, so stay tuned!


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