Friday, October 06, 2006

Dark Hour - Ginger Garrett

Bit late on this blog tour as well. I just stayed up past 4AM last night finishing Dark Hour. Cramming, you might say. But I didn't intend to. I planned to read a chapter or two more before bed and finish the rest in the morning. Ha. Well, I did finish the book in the morning, but not exactly how I'd anticipated. Since I already knew the rudiments of Athaliah and Jehoshebeth's story from Scripture, I kept reading to discover how Ginger Garrett brought their tale to life in a new and engaging way. As I finished each chapter, I thought, "I should get to bed, but I just want to see how she handles this next bit," and I kept reading.

Dark Hour is an epic tale of Judah's bleakest days prior to the reign of Joash. The characters gain new dimensions and the fast-paced plot has several twists. The POV changes were a bit confusing - not that they weren't clear, but the story would cut away to another character before important scenes and it grew a little frustrating for me (who cares what Elisha's doing at the moment? I want to see what's happening with Jehoshebeth!). Also, many of the "blood and destruction" scenes seemed to have a cinematic feel of pain and confusion - good for conveying the tone, but hard to understand exactly what was happening. Of course, I also was reading the book very late at night, too.

Visit others on the CFBA tour (see sidebar) for more info about this great book, click the FIRST button in the post below for the first chapter, and also see below for information on how to win your own copy of Dark Hour! Leave a comment on either post telling me which you prefer - first chapter or review - when you decide what book to buy/read, and I'll enter you in a drawing for a free copy of Dark Hour!


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