Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dragons, Knights, and Angels

Dragons, Knights, and Angels Magazine showcases short fiction and poetry with a supernatural bent - fantasy and science fiction - from a Christian worldview. I usually prefer novels to short stories, but I've loved every story I've read on the site. And the poems were awesome. As Johne Cook (former managing editor of DKA) explains:

"Writing stories with a moral core is a tricky line. We are not at all interested in stories that preach. Stories submitted to DKA for publication will be examined first on their merit as works of sci–fi / fantasy / poetry. Writing is a privilege and an honor, and it is as much art as craft. As God is the Great Creator, we expect great stories as He fills your cup to overflowing."

This level of excellence is reflected throughout the site. Unlike many online publications, DKA pays their writers, and they don't fill the site with annoying ads to compensate. Instead they have top-notch contests (the winners of their 2006 poetry contest were announced today) and rely on donations from those looking for more high-quality fantasy/science fiction writings.

One excellent story is Damage. If you visit nothing else on the site, at least stop by and read this one.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Excellent, Katie. You have me sold. Especially coming from you, with your experience as a reviewer, this is a ringing endorsement.


Rebecca said...

Okay, okay, so EVERYONE loves this story. I'm going to have to hustle on over there and finish it (really I should just start over from the beginning).

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