Thursday, November 23, 2006

Calm, Cool & Adjusted

Happy Thanksgiving! Due to the busyness of this week (yeah, it's busy for everyone, but most people aren't taking half the meal to Mom's side of the family on Thursday, having Dad's side of the family over on Friday, plus helping their "adopted" family get stuff ready for their Thanksgiving on Wednesday), I haven't posted yet about Calm, Cool & Adjusted, the newest release by Christian chick-lit queen Kristin Billerbeck.

This book delves into the life of the third of a trio of friends, Poppy. Now that things seem to be going smoothly for Lilly and Morgan, chiropractor and natural health freak Poppy begins to wonder if her own life isn't out of whack.

Be prepared for another great laugh-out-loud novel from Kristin Billerbeck, this time with an organic flair. I'd recommend you read the first two Spa Girls books before you read this one, as it contains many spoilers about the lives of Lilly and Morgan. Of course, if you plan to only read Calm, Cool & Adjusted, it's a complete story in itself. But trust me, if you're female and you like witty fiction at all, after finishing this novel you'll want to read the whole set.

I give this novel a Waterfall Books rating of Eddy/Splash. Yes, I know, a split rating. Not sure if I'll try to incorporate or avoid those in the future. But it's Thanksgiving morning and my brain never works quite right in the morning. Stop by the other CFBA blogs (on the sidebar) for more about this book.

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Have a great Thanksgiving!


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