Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Return of the Guardian-King

I've read every book Karen Hancock has ever had published, and I've waited more than a year for her series finale Return of the Guardian King.

It was worth the wait.

Hancock whisks you back to the glittering palaces, snow-covered mountain passes, and arid deserts of Kiriath and its surrounding countries. Only a handful of people know King Abramm is still alive. Abramm himself travels incognito with a group of refugees heading for Chesedh. His wife, Maddie, torn between belief and doubt about her husband's rescue, is urged as Chesedh's First Daughter to remarry and form an alliance against Esurh's armies.

Abramm's hope of reuniting with Maddie and regaining the crown of Kiriath fades with each day as the refugees don't recognize him and question every decision. Meanwhile, a charming suitor seeks to win Maddie's heart - and begins to succeed.

Faith battles fear. Growth fights desire. Don't miss this epic saga that has won three Christy awards and is likely to win a fourth.

I'm also a regular reader of Hancock's blog, where she shares insight about her writing life. Find out more about the Legends of the Guardian-King series and its author there and at the blogs below:


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Thanks for posting, Katie. How goes the new job?


Becca Johnson said...

I hope it wins a fourth award. That would be really cool! :)

Becca Johnson

Katie Hart - Pinterest Manager said...

Yes, that would be cool! It would actually be Karen's fifth award, since Arena won one, too!

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