Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CSFF Tour - DragonLight

This week's tour showcases the concluding novel of Donita K. Paul's DragonKeeper Chronicles - DragonLight. I've loved this series from book one - vivid characters, sweeping action, and colorful dragons of all sizes. The minor dragons are my favorite - playful as a pack of kittens, each with unique gifts and coloring. Each book lets you dive into the wonderful world of Amara - and once you've been there, you want to go back.

This fifth novel doesn't feel as much of the series as a whole to the extent the previous books did. While each of the books can stand on its own, this book feels like an epilogue rather than the climax of the overarching story. Most plot threads wrapped up in DragonFire, so more had to be begun or greatly expanded in DragonLight. The black dragons and their source. The mystery of Toopka. Gilda's longing for the meech colony. The Followers.

While Toopka's plotline stretched believability for me, other parts of the story were very strong. The parts surrounding the minor dragon Fly (anymore and I'll give away plot points) and investigating the Followers were some of my favorites.

In all, I got the feeling that the gateway threads weren't woven tight enough for this passage in Amara. Toopka's crowning moment was seen from a distance and felt contrived, as did the discovery of the Voice. Talking gateways were a neat addition, but were they added because the plot wouldn't work any other way? A minor character, Gilda, got on my nerves enough to make me want to put the book down for a while.

Yet, while I didn't come out of the gateway in quite the same way as I had in DragonKnight and DragonFire (which I consider the best books of the series), I'm still very glad to have made a 5th trip into Amara, and hope to book a sixth journey soon. (Donita is setting an entirely new series there, coming in summer 2009!)

The tour's moderator was kind enough to mark the bloggers who also participated in the first ever CSFF tour - for DragonKnight - but she forgot two! Valerie Comer and I were also original participants.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Can you believe it? I mean, that first list had like 13 people on it. Not brain surgery to mark the ones on this year's list that were also on that one, and I make TWO errors. So sorry, Katie.

Interesting review. I actually liked this one better than the others. I felt like the characters had a goal at the beginning and they moved toward it, with the complications and obstacles relating to that main goal. In some of the other books, the complications felt artificial where as in this one, they felt caused by ... well, you know.

I loved Fly! I thought it showed again Donita's inventiveness. I mean, a protector dragon not bonded to the dragonkeeper? Clever!


Donita K. Paul said...

I always find it fascinating which book a reader picks as favorite and why (if they tell me.) One of my friends likes DragonQuest best because her relationship with her motheris ambiguous. Another likes DragonKnight, because he's entering the ministry and feels like Bardon: serving God is great, but the people God puts in his path are the pits. One reader told me she plowed through DragonLight, hoping that someone would strangle Gilda. At the end she had to re-examine how she felt about God giving grace to someone she counted as unworthy.
Ah! Books are fascinating. The reaction of readers even more so.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the part about Fly, too. And I liked the comparison between minor dragons and playful kittens. If only my pregnant cat could give birth to some baby dragons--- that would get those dratted pigeons out of my barn loft!

Unknown said...

Hi Katie,
I can't find your email. Send me an email (re: Favorite PASTimes book winner) at cindy at cindyswriting dot com


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