Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Heiress by Susan May Warren

You can't look at my bookshelves with out discovering that Susan May Warren is my favorite author. I have a shelf that only holds her books and I think I have all but three. Needless to say I was ecstatic to discover her newest book Heiress. Normally I wait to purchase a book till it goes on sale but I bit the bullet for this one, paying a slightly discounted price but still more than I usually shell out for a book. It was definitely worth it! I finished the book in less than 24 hours and LOVED it.

The story was set over a period of twenty-one years but flowed beautifully. The book was about the two Price sisters, Esme and Jinx, (very creative names by the way) and their journeys of finding love. Esme the eldest, resents society and longs to be a reporter for her father's newspaper. Jinx, on the other hand adores society and wishes she was the firstborn so she could enjoy all the things her sister either despises or takes for granted.

Both sisters, through misunderstandings and bad choices, are thrust into lives quite different than they imagined. Jinx secures herself a desirable marriage and a comfortable, glamorous life but it doesn't turn out as she planned, and leaves her hungering for love and affection. Meanwhile Esme rejects society, choosing instead to live a independent life on the untamed frontier.

The book is truly rewarding as you follow the roads both girls take to find the true love their hearts were searching for. I highly encourage picking up a copy and being whisked away into the lives of Esme and Jinx Price.

To read more about Susan May Warren and to see all of her other books check out her website HERE


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