Friday, February 17, 2012

The Bride Bargain by Kelly Eileen Hake

Book Description

A resolute woman

When dropped from their wagon train for not pulling their load, Clara Fields is desperate to provide for her newly-widowed aunt. Josiah Reed, owner of the Buttonwood Feed and Dry Goods Store, makes Clara what seems like a heaven-sent bargain: he'll sign over his two-story house if she can marry his son off to a local girl in the next month....

And a determined doctor

Dr. Saul Reed agrees to watch his father's store while Josiah is away, thinking the slow pace of the prairie will be a welcome respite before Saul establishes his medical practice in Baltimore. But when he finds pretty Clara Fields installed in his father's house, the gleam in her eyes promises anything but peace and quiet.

Find more than they bargained for

With his bachelorhood at stake, and her ability to provide for herself and her aunt hanging in ythe balance, Saul and Clara face off in an unlikely battle...

Will God soften two stubborn hearts and strike a new bride bargain?

My Thoughts

When I heard that Cathy Marie Hake's daughter Kelly had written a series of books I was quite anxious to read them but because of my limited budget I didn't ended up purchasing the books when they came out. So when I saw a deal I couldn't pass up I snagged the set, though due to the amount of books I had to read I took me awhile to get around to actually reading them.

Boy, was I sorry I waited! This book was extremely well written and funny too! One of my favorite character's was Josiah Reed. All of his plotting to get his son married was hysterical. Saul and Clara were an awesome couple, it was great how they kept acting all upset with each other but under it all were growing quite attracted. I can't wait to read The Bride Backfire and get to see more of the feuding Specks and Grogans!

About The Author

Sorry that this bio is a little long and outdated but it's all I could find! But I do know that on January 14, 2o12, Kelly was married to a man named Shannan (no clue as to last name).

Life doesn't wait, and neither does Kelly Eileen Hake. In her short twenty-three years of life, she's achieved much. Her secret? Embracing opportunities and multitasking. Kelly received her first writing contract at the tender age of seventeen and arranged to wait three months until she was able to legally sign it. Since that first contract five years ago, she's reached several life goals. Aside from fulfilling fourteen contracts ranging from short stories to novels, she's also attained her BA in English Literature and Composition and earned her credential to teach English in secondary schools. If that weren't enough, she's taken positions as a college preparation tutor, bookstore clerk, and in-classroom learning assistant to pay for the education she values so highly. Currently, she is working toward her MA in Writing Popular Fiction. No matter what goal she pursues, Kelly knows what it means to work for it!

Kelly's dual careers as English teacher and author give her the opportunity explore and share her love of the written word. A CBA bestselling author and dedicated member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Kelly is a reader favorite of Barbour's Heartsong Presents program, where she's been privileged to earn numerous Heartsong Presents Reader's Choice Awards; including Favorite New Author 2005, Top 5 Favorite Historical Novel 2005, and Top Five Favorite Author Overall 2006 in addition to winning the Second Favorite Historical Novel 2006!


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