Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Reading Challenges-First Quarter Update!

In January I entered quite a few reading challenges and have since added a few more so I figured I'd let you now how I was doing so far. This will just be a number update if you want to see which books I read for each of the challenges, please visit the original post.

#1 Goodreads Historical Fiction Challenge 2012 Completed/ongoing 18/12
I choose the highest goal for this one-to read 12 or more historical fiction novels. I had this challenge completed mid February but since it said "or more" I'm still keeping track and I'm currently up to 18!

#2 2012 Ebook Challenge Completed/Upped Goal  6/10
I first chose the lowest goal for this one thinking I wouldn't read many ebooks but then I started reviewing for places that deal mostly in ebooks so I finished my goal of 5 books and upgraded to 10. Though I have a feeling that I will once more I'll have to up my goal!

#3 Mount TBR Challenge  38/50
I choose to "climb" Mt Kilimanjaro for this challenge which meant I planned to read 50 books that I had owned previous to January 1st 2012. I'm almost 4/5 of the way through so I'm pretty optimistic about finishing soon! You can read my full update post here. Unfortunately upping my goal is not an option since I don't have that many books left from before this year!

#4 2012 Young Adult Reading Challenge 4/12
I decided to go with the Mini YA Challenge since I usually get more adult books than teen ones. Evidenced by the fact that in the 60ish books I've read this year only 4 have been YA. Though recently I've gotten a decent amount of YA books so maybe I'll be raising my goal later in the year!

#5 New Author Challenge Completed/Upped Goal 24/25
I started out saying I wanted to read 15 books by authors I'd never tried before but I blew through that really quick so I went to the next level. I'm now one book away from finishing that. The next objective is 50, but I'm a little wary of signing up for that. I do have a decent amount of new authors on my shelves so we'll see if this one gets another boost.

#6 50 States Challenge 21/50
The goal of this challenge is to read a book set in every state. When I first signed up I was afraid it was going to be ridiculously hard to do, but I was surprised that without even trying I've already gotten 21 states completed!

#7 Read Your Name Challenge 5/7
The goal of this challenge is to read your name in book title first letters. I'm currently missing the G and the L but this one shouldn't be too hard to complete!

#8 What's In A Name Reading Challenge 3/6
This challenge had 6 things that you had to find in book titles-food, body of water, title, plant/tree, place, and musical term. I've got body of water, title, and musical term done and the other three shouldn't too difficult.

#9 A-Z Reading Challenge 16/26 & 17/26
The objective for this challenge is to read alphabetically through either book titles or authors. I chose to do both and I'm over halfway through each of them. This challenge is relatively easy and I doubt I'll have any problems finishing it!

So that's where I am in all my challenges. If you participate in reading challenges and have an update post of your own, leave your link in the comments section and I'll be sure check it out!


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