Sunday, April 07, 2013

Know Me Better 4/7

Every week Kathy from I Am A Reader Not A Writer posts five questions from her author interview lists and asks us to answer them.

What is your favorite flavor of jelly beans?
Any except the black ones-If I had to pick, probably orange or yellow

What size shoe do you wear?
I have big feet-10

What is your favorite cereal?
Reece's Puffs or Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Have you ever cut your own hair?
Cut a tiny portion once when I was little and got in huge trouble!

Do you sing in the shower?
I mouth the words to songs. I can't sing very well and I know that anyone can hear me so I don't sing out loud!


Anonymous said...

I guess we never outgrow our love of cereals full of sugar! LOL!

Anonymous said...

LOL! You don't have big feet -- they're the same size as mine... ;)

Brooke @ i blog 4 books said...

Haha! Licorice jelly beans are my favorite! (I know ... it's weird!)

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