Monday, May 06, 2013

Bout of Books 7.0 Goals!

Bout of Books

I am so excited to be once again participating in this read-a-thon! It is always such a great motivator and also really fun!

My Goals:
I'm planning/hoping to read either 10 books or 3000 pages!

The Books:
These are some of my books that I have to read that I most likely will end up reading for this read-a-thon but they aren't set in stone so I may switch out some of them!


creativedeeds said...

Having lots of choices is always a good thing :) Good luck and have fun!

Anonymous said...

10 is a lot, good luck with that! I don't have a certain book goal this time, I'm just going to take my time and have fun :)

Tanya @ Moms Small Victories said...

Wow, good luck reading 10 books or 3000 pages! Hope you reach your goal! Here are my Bout of Books Read-a-thon Goals if you'd like to stop by.

Hollie said...

My reading goal is around a third of yours, haha. With Every Letter looks really interesting. Good luck with your goals!

Angela's Anxious Life said...

10 books!! OH WOW!! Good luck with that !!!! Hope you get them all in!
My bout of books goals

SueFitz said...

I like that you picked a number of books and number of pages. I like the pages idea myself.

Goodk luck

Unknown said...

Abbi I'm not familiar with the books you've listed, but all the best and I hope you get through them all :D

Angelica @ Paperback Princess

Celine said...

That's a lot of pages! Good luck (:

Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

Wow, that's a lot! I hope you can accomplish your goal :D


Stephanie @ Once Upon A Chapter said...

That is such an awesome goal! I hope you can meet it. Enjoy Bout of Books. It's a great event. I'll have to check out some of your choices. I love those covers. :)

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