Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last Minute Read-a-thon: Day 2 Update & Love It or Hate It Challenge

Day 2 Update
Books I Read Today: Carolina Gold by Dorothy Love (175 pgs)
A December Bride by Denise Hunter (94 pgs)
A January Bride by Deborah Rainey (14 pgs)
Books I Finished Today: A December Bride by Denise Hunter
Pages Read Today: 283
Total Books Finished: 3
Total Pages Read: 472

Day 3 Love It or Hate It Challenge

"Post book covers that you love and hate explaining why."

 Since I have so many covers I love I narrowed my choices down to only books read this year-and even then it was a little hard! So I just chose the ones that really stuck in my head! And as for the "hate"category I couldn't find any that I absolutely abhorred so I just picked a couple that I really wish they'd have changed one thing about!

Book Covers I Love
I love this cover because it is just so sweetly beautiful! I am a huge WWII story fan and I love the look and feel of that time period so this cover is right up my alley!

This cover is just all around gorgeous! From the model to the dress to the setting! Just perfect!

I loved the mix of playfulness and beauty in this cover! You have the gorgeous dress and the place where the title is and then the fun smile and barefeet!

Covers I Didn't Like As Much
I wasn't a huge fan of the models they chose for this series. Bella was ok but I really didn't think this guy fit DJ. Other than that though they are fine!

I didn't really like the model or the dress she was wearing for this cover, but the background is pretty!


Unknown said...

Excellent choices, Abbi!
I love the cover of Once Upon a Prince too, I just recently won that one and I can't wait to read it! :D

And I completely agree with the Weddings by Bella covers! That model is definitely not the way I see D.J. in my head! :D

Maria Behar said...
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Maria Behar said...

(I deleted the previous comment because of typos. Lol.)

Hi, Abbi!

I totally agree with you about "Isle of Shadows" and "Once Upon a Prince". LOVE those two covers!!

I especially like "Isle of Shadows" because of all the blue. I also like the fact that this is obviously set in Greece. Those Greek islands are so beautiful!! I've just read the plot on Amazon, and added this book to my wish list there.

As for "Once Upon a Prince", I not only love this cover for the reasons you've mentioned, but also because of that lovely dress, and the heart with scrollwork all around it. I've added this one to my Amazon wish list, as well!

I dislike the ones you dislike, too. My reason, though, is that they are too ordinary. Nothing original in these covers at all!

Thanks for sharing!! : )

Anonymous said...

Once Upon a Prince has such a gorgeous cover! In general I'm not a fan of photos on covers because it jars me if the models don't match my idea of the character but this seems to be an exception - such an artful photo that makes me smile just looking at it. I think I'll be adding this to my TBR book list.

Abbi Hart said...

Caitlyn-Thanks! I hope you enjoy Once Upon A Prince! I really liked it and actually just let my grandma borrow it!

Maria-Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

lottiliterature-I definitely recommend it!

Vonnie said...

Ooh those are gorgeous covers that you picked for your "love it"! A Distant Melody reminds me of a WWII poster, while Isle of Shadows is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the joy that is portrayed in Once Upon a Prince.

Now for your "hate it" covers, they are nice. I do understand though how models can change the way you feel about the cover, especially when they don't portray the characters very well.

Megan said...

You're doing great with this read-a-thon! Three books finished already - wow!

I love the cover of A Distant Melody and the other two books in the series as well. I love how they capture the feel of the time so well. I love reading books set during WWII and can hardly wait for her next book! :D

Isle of Shadows is a gorgeous cover, the colors, model and dress she's wearing are a beautiful and look perfect for the time. However, I loved the previous cover, when the book was title Shadow of Colossus, a little more for the story, as this one shows the foot of the statue.

I haven't read Once Upon A Prince yet, but I love the cover for it! It's what drew me to the book in the first place, it looks like so much fun :)

I have the Weddings by Bella series but haven't read them yet so I'll have to see when I read them if I agree. I hate when the covers don't get one of the characters right.

Okay, this is funny! I put Into the Whirlwind as one of the covers I loved, even though I wasn't as in love with the book, but I can see if you don't like the dress how that affects your liking of the cover.

Abbi Hart said...


Megan-Yeah the Wings of Glory series is gorgeous! I wanted to read them before ever reading what they were about!
I was happy with the cover change but I can see what you mean about the statue!
Weddings by Bella are such fun! I hope you get to read them soon!
Haha I laughed when I saw that too! The cover is simply gorgeous besides the dress though so I can see why it made your favs!

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