Monday, December 30, 2013

What Countries Have I Visited 2013 Challenge: Wrap-Up

Last year I began thinking about all of the countries I had "visited" through the books I'd read and I thought it'd be fun to keep track. An then I decided to turn it into a reading challenge so others could join! Now I'll be the first to admit I haven't been the most active host and I really have nothing to blame except forgetfulness and some busyness. I'm going to be hosting it again for 2014 (sign-up will be up in a bit) and I hope to be much more proactive this year! I chose the Adventurer level which was to read books that take place in 20 different countries. I managed to "visit" 22 countries and it was fun keeping track! I'd love to see how you all who participated did and I'm also open to any suggestions you have for next year! Please leave the link to wherever you posted your final progress in the linky and I'll be sure to check it out!

Here are the countries I "visited"!

1. Ireland-Flight of the Earls by Michael K. Reynolds
2. France-Bon Appetit by Sandra Byrd
3. Belgium-Duchess by Susan May Warren
4. England-A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin
5. Mozambique-Learning to Love by Heidi and Rolland Baker
6. Greece-Isle of Shadows by Tracy L. Higley
7. Austria-Grave Consequences by Lisa T. Bergren
8. Italy-Grave Consequences by Lisa T. Bergren
9. Switzerland-Grave Consequences by Lisa T. Bergren
10. Israel-Fearless by Robin Parrish
11. Djibouti-Talon by Ronie Kendig
12. Philippines-Inside Story by Susan Page Davis 
13. Germany-Blue Skies Tomorrow by Sarah Sundin
14. Vietnam-Yesterday's Tomorrow by Catherine West
15. Algeria-With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin
16. Tunisia-With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin
17. Egypt-City of the Dead by T.L. Higley
18. Mexico-The Others by Kristin Bryant
19. Russia-Measure of a Man by Susan May Warren (Chance Encounters of the Heart novella collection)
20. The Netherlands-Snow on the Tulips by Liz Tolsma
21. Afghanistan-Beowulf by Ronie Kendig
22. Canada-Brilliant Devices by Shelley Adina


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Thanks for hosting this challenge. Here's my wrap-up post:

I'll be joining again in 2014.

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Thanks for hosting! Here's my wrap-up post:

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I loved this challenge, thanks for hosting it! Here's my wrap-up post:

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