Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Memes 10/10

Book Blogger Hop

The Question:
What is the scariest book title you have either read or heard about?

My Answer:
I really don't read scary books or pay attention to them so I scanned my shelves and the scariest titles I could find were A Killer Among Us by Lynette Eason and City of the Dead by Tracy L. Higley 

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"Please join me every Friday to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires. Please remember to include the title of the book and the author's name."

Selah crouched amid the towering pampas grass. Feathery seed plumes swayed in the breeze, pushing wisps of dark brown hair across her face, tangling her locks in the sticky seed pods. 
Thunder by Bonnie S. Calhoun

My Thoughts
It's not the most attention grabbing start but it is rather picturesque. 


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy Thunder! Here's my Book Beginning:

Juli Rahel said...

It's definitely picturesque! Also, I love thunder. I don't know whether this book actually is about a storm, but now all I'm craving is some lightning and thunder! Also, I don't read a lot of scary books either, so I just picked scariest reading experience xD Thanks for sharing :) Hope you have a great weekend!
My Friday post
Juli @ Universe in Words

Sandra Nachlinger said...

Great opening. I'm wondering why she's crouched in the pampas grass. Who is she hiding from and why? I'd keep reading to find out more.
My Friday post features BEAUTIFUL RUINS.

Unknown said...

Love the vivid illustration the author has posed in the beginning, it's definitely inviting :)

Here's mine:
Sparrow’s BB & Friday 56

Elizabeth said...

I don't read scary books either and really didn't find one on my shelf. :)

ENJOY your weekend.

Happy Hopping!!

Silver's Reviews
My Blog Hop Answer

Michelle said...

I don't read scary books either.
So if I were to post a title I guess it would be
`Deadly Disclosures` (Julie Cave)

Unknown said...

What is she doing there?

Here's mine:
Book Beginning #1: The Blood Of Olympus

Abbi Hart said...

Sorry for the late replies-life's been hectic!

Laura-It was pretty good!

Juli-Thunderstorm's are pretty awesome though they weren't really in this book!

Sandra-Yeah, I wanted to!

Claudia-It is!


Michelle-That's a bit of a scary title.

Nyze-You'll have to read it to find out!

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