Monday, December 28, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #204

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Here is what I finished the past two weeks:
Loved all of these!

What I am currently reading:
Almost done with The Wedding Chapel and I'm enjoying it! I've only read Julie's novella from the collection but it was amazing!

What I hope to read this week:
Looking forward to all of these!

Hope you have a great reading week, thanks for taking the time to check out mine!
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Kathryn T said...

Lovely set of great looking books. I have The Painter's Daughter on my wish list to read, read a review somewhere of a reader enjoying it. Enjoy them all.

Elizabeth said...

Love the covers on your books.

The Wedding Chapel has an especially beautiful cover.

Happy New Year!! ENJOY the rest of 2015!!

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Abbi Hart said...

Kathryn-I'm really looking forward to that one!

Elizabeth-I love them too!

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