Saturday, October 29, 2016

I Got to Meet Susan May Warren...

...and it was absolutely amazing!!!! 

I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when I saw Susan May Warren's post about her Montana Rescue tour. I almost kept scrolling but then one of the cities caught my eye, my city, Pittsburgh. Upon closer inspection I discovered that she was going to be less than a half hour away from where I live.
Needless to say I was over the moon excited! But then I realized she was going to be there on a Monday when I was at work. My hopes slipped a little but my amazing bosses asked one of their awesome parents to come (I'm a nanny so I needed some else to watch the kids if I was going to leave) and said I was free to go! 
Monday morning came and with giddy excitement I picked up my sister and we drove to the Family Christian Bookstore. When we walked in the employee who was coordinating the event asked us if we read fiction. We laughed and then said yes and that we had actually come just to see Susan.
And guys, she is as awesome in real life as she is online! We got to talk for almost a half hour and it was one of the best conversations I've ever had! We discussed her newest book and then she started talking about what was to come in the rest of the series. She even told us about what she was thinking of doing for the fourth book (Ian and Sierra's story for those of you who've read If Ever I Would Leave You and/or Wild Montana Skies) and asked what we thought about her idea (of course it was awesome)! We talked about some of her other books, novellas she had coming out, as well as some other author's books (Melissa Tagg and Rachel Hauck). She asked what we did and gave my sister support raising tips (Susan was a missionary in Russia if you didn't know). 
It was so much fun to gush about books and characters with the person who created them. And to talk about details I'd never have gotten anywhere else!
So yeah, meeting one of my absolute favorite authors went a million times better than I could have dreamed and I will forever be grateful for the experience! Now to figure out how to meet the rest of my favorite authors!


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