Sunday, October 02, 2016

Monthly Reflections #48: September 2016


September was a pretty great month for me, I was busy but I still managed to get a decent bit of reading in! I finished 6 books and I got 7 reviews written. While this isn't an astronomical amount it's better than I have been doing the past several months! My life is a bit crazy of late, I work approximately 58 hours a week between my two jobs (thankfully my full time position has some downtime that I can read), I volunteer at my church twice a week, and I babysit at least two evenings during the week. On top of that I'm trying to stay caught up with TV shows and finish crochet projects. But reading is still a priority and I've been loving the books I've read lately!

Books I Read
So many amazing books this month but I have to say Keep Holding On was my favorite!

Reviews I Wrote:

In October I Hope To:
Read at least 7 books (Hopefully 10)
Write 7 reviews


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