Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See More in Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

#1. Set in Pittsburgh-I live just outside of Pittsburgh and I absolutely love when books are set here

#2. Military Characters-I have a deep respect and appreciation for our military and it's very cool to have characters based on the brave men and women who sacrifice for our country

#3. Humor-Anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh so if a book can make me laugh out loud it's a win for me!

#4. Charming Small Towns-There is something so fun about a fictional small town, the quirkier the better!

#5. Set in the 50's-My second favorite time period that I don't feel is written about enough.

#6. Characters who are nannies-I am a nanny and it's always fun to have a character with the same career as you.

#7. Set in WWI-While WWII is my favorite time-period I do feel like it's been getting enough attention in books lately while very few books that I've read take place during WWI.

#8. Unique periods of history-Nothing in particular, just things that aren't often written about in novels.

#9. A multi-generational series-I've long had this idea in my head of a series about several generations of one family possibly with members in each of the different major wars.

#10. Epistolary style of writing-I recently read Becky Wade's epistolary style novella Then Comes You and I think it would be fun to read more of those types of books!


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