Friday, February 03, 2006


In this sassy read by Marilynn Griffith, Raya Joseph is a New York fashion designer with an attitude. Though her past has hurt and recent events have winded her, thanks to her ever-faithful Gram and Jesus she isn't broken. Then she meets an attractive stranger on the train, and later runs into him with the woman who stole her fiance. Megan wants her to design a million-dollar wedding dress. Flex wants her company to design uniforms for an underprivileged boys' basketball team. And suddenly Raya's treading water fast than she can swim.

Pink doesn't shy away from any issues - divorce, infidelity, AIDS - and shows how what their presence can do even in Christian's lives. A keenly humorous tale with plenty of drama, this book will have romance readers begging for more of Griffith's signature style.


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Hi Katie, it's Ruth from Xanga (ChristianFictionQueen)...thanks for reminding me about your other's bookmarked at work now so I am going to be checking here more often. I would love to get linked here! :-) You do a great job with your reviews!!! Keep it up!!

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Thanks for this great review. Mind I add you to my blog tour for the book?

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