Thursday, August 02, 2012

5 New (To Me) Songs I'm Loving

A couple weeks ago I drew a blank on what to post, so I  put up some videos of songs that I was really enjoying. And due to the fact that people seemed to like that I decided to do it once again. So here are 5 songs that I'm loving! The first one I have listened to over 15 times in the past 3 days!

#1. Should've Been Me by Citizen Way

#2. Center of It by Chris August

#3. I Wanna Know You Like That by Anthem Lights

#4. Heart Stops by David Dunn

#5. He Said by Group 1 Crew


Michelle said...

Great choices, Abbi! I love these songs, too! :D

Michelle said...

The David Dunn song is new to me, and I really love the sound of this song! He has a great voice. : )

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