Saturday, September 07, 2013

Susan May Warren's Books-A Goal Finally Met...

Ever since I first read Susan May Warren's Team Hope series several years ago I have dreamed of someday owning all of her fiction books (which was a harder task than I thought since she often releases several books a year). And yesterday that dream was realized when I finally got the last two books I needed! So I am now the proud owner of all forty-three of Susan May Warren's fiction books!! And here they are:

Nothing but Trouble (PJ Sugar #1)
Double Trouble (PJ Sugar #2)
Licensed for Trouble (PJ Sugar #3)

Reclaiming Nick (Noble Legacy #1)
Taming Rafe (Noble Legacy #2)
Finding Stephanie (Noble Legacy #3)

Flee the Night (Team Hope #1)
Escape to Morning (Team Hope #2)
Expect the Sunrise (Team Hope #3)

Happily Ever After (Deep Haven #1)
Tying the Knot (Deep Haven #2)
The Perfect Match (Deep Haven #3)
My Foolish Heart (Deep Haven #4)
The Shadow of Your Smile (Deep Haven #5)
You Don't Know Me (Deep Haven #6)
Take A Chance on Me (Christiansen Family #1)

Heiress (Daughters of Fortune #1)
Baroness (Daughters of Fortune #2)
Duchess (Daughters of Fortune #3)

Sons of Thunder
The Great Christmas Bowl
Baby, It's Cold Outside

The Measure of a Man (Novella in Chance Encounters of the Heart)
Love's Open Door (Novella in The House Love Built)
Love's Greatest Peril (Novella in Novel Crimes)
Letters From the Enemy (Novella in Prairie Hills)

Ekaterina (Heirs of Anton #1 with Susan K. Downs)
Nadia (Heirs of Anton #2 with Susan K. Downs)
Marina (Heirs of Anton #3 with Susan K. Downs)
Oksana (Heirs of Anton #4 with Susan K. Downs)

In Sheep's Clothing (Mission: Russia #1)
Sands of Time (Mission Russia #2)
Wiser Than Serpents (Mission: Russia #3)
Point of No Return (Missions of Mercy #1)
Mission: Out of Control (Missions of Mercy #2)
Undercover Pursuit (Missions of Mercy #3)

Everything's Coming Up Josey (Josey #1)
Chill Out, Josey! (Josey #2)
Get Cozy, Josey! (Josey #3)

Waiting for Morning (Team Hope e-novella)
Hook, Line, and Sinker (Deep Haven e-novella)
I Really Do Miss Your Smile (Christiansen Family e-novella)


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Abbi!!! :-)
I really enjoyed Take A Chance On Me and I Really Do Miss Your Smile. I know you will love them!!! :D

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