Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

"You know..you are reading and then SOMETHING happens to completely turn you off"

#1. Head-Hopping-When the story is being told in one person's POV then switches to someone else's without a definitive break.
#2. Too much detail-When everything is over described to the point of being boring.
#3. Unlikable main character-When the hero/heroine is either annoying or does things that are wrong.
#4. Swearing-If a book I start to read has more than one or two cuss words then I will stop reading it.
#5. Redundancy-When details are repeated too many times/
#6. Too many characters-When there are so many characters that it's impossible to keep them straight!
#7. Cliches-When there are too many cliches in either the plot or in things that are said.
#8. Too much gore-I have a weak stomach so if there's too much gross stuff I can't finish the book.
#9. Too much focus on looks-When the characters are constantly thinking about the looks of the other characters to the point of being nauseating!
#10. Character making bad choices-When the characters are constantly making the obviously wrong choices


Anonymous said...

I dont like when there are too many characters aswell
here is mine http://caitstruelife.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-book-turn-offs/

Elizabeth said...

I'm totally with you on too much focus on looks. Like seriously you only need to tell me what a character looks like once, I get it haha (and that's what my imagination is for). And I have a pretty weak stomach so I can't do too much gore (and no horror! Horror gives me nightmares! I was an idiot when I thought books weren't as bad as movies and read Misery until 2 in the morning. Dumb. So dumb)

Vilia said...

I had TSTL heroines as well but I took out head hopping for repetitive phrases and actions. I sometimes wonder if the author thinks we aren't paying attention so they have a duty to remind us. Here's my TTT

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